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Broken Lines is an illustrated novel that tells the tale of a waitress, a cowboy, and a goofy little spaceman, wandering America’s highways in a stolen rental van, trying to fulfill their vampire friend’s dying wish while being pursued by bad guys, who are evil and also mostly stupid. Broken Lines is a story of redemption, a story about memory, a story about telling stories. Broken Lines is funny and weird and dumb.

Broken Lines is an ongoing project I've been working on super-intermittently since... oh, hell, 2003? It's a mixture of prose, sequential comic art, and like, charts 'n' footnotes 'n' sidebars 'n' stuff. Some day, it will be collected into a large and imposing single volume, which will cause clearance tables across our great nation to lament and creak mightily.

You can read the first nine pages below, or you could read some reviews, if you wanted to.

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The first nine pages of the story. New art, 2013.



BROKEN LINES, an illustrated novel ©2013 Tom Pappalardo
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